Nuestro equipo es tu extensión de Recursos Humanos, los apoyamos a incrementar su productividad, reducir costos y aumentar el sentido de permanencia dentro de la compañía.

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    Our team is your extension of Human Resources, we support them to increase their productivity, reduce costs and increase the sense of permanence within the company. Our team is dedicated to helping maximize your Human Resources capabilities, potentially having a great effect on productivity and cost savings. With our help, you can create an even more secure environment for employees at work.

    Why Prodensa?

    Comprehensive Staff Administration services, including recruiting, hiring and onboarding with professional Temporary Hiring services to find the right person for your organization’s immediate needs. Accurate Payroll processing and timely payment of salaries, medical tests and evaluations to ensure the safety of your workplace, taking care of reliable background checks to assess the suitability of potential employees.

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