Energy Challenges in Mexico: Strategies for Large-Scale Operations Companies

Energy Challenges in Mexico: Strategies for Large-Scale Operations Companies

As the world moves towards decarbonization and the transition to renewable energy sources, Mexican companies face a series of significant challenges to maintain their competitiveness and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

But what are these challenges?

Dependency on Hydrocarbons: Mexico has historically relied on hydrocarbons, especially oil, as the main source of energy. The dependency on hydrocarbons is evident: in 2020, oil and its derivatives represented 61.2% of the country’s energy matrix, according to statistics from the Ministry of Energy.

Obsolete Energy Infrastructure: Despite efforts to modernize energy infrastructure, Mexico faces significant challenges in terms of efficiency and reliability of its electrical grids. It is estimated that up to 20% of the energy produced in the country is lost due to lack of adequate infrastructure, equivalent to an economic loss of approximately $2.5 billion dollars per year, according to data from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness.

Transition to Renewable Energies: Mexico still faces challenges in terms of regulation, financing, and development of large-scale projects. The transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources is crucial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure long-term energy security.

What strategies should companies be implementing to address these challenges?

Mitigate the risks associated with hydrocarbon dependency by diversifying their energy portfolio.

Optimize energy efficiency, which will significantly reduce companies’ operating costs and decrease their carbon footprint.

Innovation and technological development play a key role in addressing these challenges. Investing in research and development of new technologies, such as advanced energy storage systems, smart grids, and decentralized energy solutions, to improve the efficiency and resilience of the energy system.

Addressing this challenge requires an integrated and collaborative approach among companies, government, and key stakeholders. PRODENSA Energy offers comprehensive solutions to address the energy challenges faced by companies. With a focus on energy efficiency, diversification of the energy portfolio, and technological innovation, PRODENSA works in collaboration with its clients to develop customized strategies that drive sustainability and competitiveness.

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