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Who we are?

Prodensa HR is a business unit of Grupo Prodensa, dedicated to bring integral solutions for Human Talent to different industries with specialized consulting and quality services.

We have more than 30 years of collaboration with both national and global companies, supporting over 500 plant start-ups and hiring over 70,000 employees.

Experience areas: Aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, corporates,manufacture

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Talent Attraction

Our talent attraction process is highly effective and ISO9001:2008 certified, which will ensure our success in finding the ideal talent for your organization.


  • We work on contingency, bases on success. We do not charge a down payment.
  • We act as your HR extension, working together with your internal HR team to achieve results together.
  • We have the fastest response time on the market!
  • We provide end-to-end service, coordinating filters and interviews for candidates.


Specialized executive talent search service for key profiles of executive-level talent in all industries.


Talent search service for all levels of talents in your organization including administrive positions, Engineering, Managers and Supervisors.

Start-up & Expansion

Your strategic alliance for consulting, attraction and evaluation of talent at the massive level.

Technical & Operative Recruitment

We find the ideal talent to make your operation a success, filling the most demanded profiles in the market.

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We are your extension of HR, with specialized and customized solutions, we will work in conjunction with your internal HR team.

HR Consulting

Available experts that bring consultancy about all areas of Human Resources.

Personnel Administration

We support your operation through a tailored payroll, always focusing on best legal practices.

Labor Background Check

Revision of labor and criminal record, giving you a result that will validate your hire.

Labor Evaluation

Medical exam, psychometric & leadership evaluations, assessment center and tailor-made technical or psychometric evaluation solutions for your human capital.

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Prodensa Training has a unique focus to offer training solutions where we evaluate, certify and recommend the best solutions of human development in the market for our clients.

Additionally we offer signature courses such as:



  • Manejo del Estrés
  • Control Estadístico de Procesos
  • Process Owner Training
  • Diseño de Experimentos (DOE)
  • Compensaciones II: Tabulador, Perfiles, Descripciones, Mercado
  • Entrevista por Competencias
  • Medición del Nivel de satisfacción del Cliente
  • Fundamentos de un Estudio R&R
  • Taller de Creatividad
  • Manejo de Reuniones
  • Presentaciones de Alto Impacto
  • Core Tools for Internal Auditors
  • Conocimiento Norma ISO 18001
  • Liderazgo Situacional





  • Inteligencia Emocional
  • Proceso de Aprobación de Partes para Producción (PPAP)
  • Calidad en el Servicio
  • Mejora Continua KAIZEN
  • Ruta de Calidad
  • Conocimiento Norma ISO 22000
  • Liderazgo y habilidades de Interacción para mandos medios
  • Trabajo Estandarizado








  • Proceso de Aceleración al Cambio.
  • Planeación Avanzada de la Calidad del Producto y plan de
  • Control (APQP)
  • A un Paso del Liderazgo
  • Calidad Total Aplicada a Ventas y Servicio
  • Manejo de Conflictos
  • Ocho Disciplinas (8D’s)
  • Estadística Básica
  • Gestión de Riesgos
  • Certificación OEA
  • Taller de Creatividad
  • Trabajo en Equipo
  • Conocimiento Norma AS9100
  • Herramientas de Control Interno
  • Manufactura Celular
  • Técnicas Básicas de Supervisión
  • Conocimiento de la Norma IATF 16949
  • Programa Profesionista Reclutador Capitulo 2
  • Coaching Efectivo

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Market Intelligence

In the Market Intelligence area, we specialize in providing real, representative and strategic information of key economic and demographic indicators as well as statistics of salaries, benefits and market perks for cities and/or specialized industries in Mexico. We complement reliable data with real experience to deliver an analysis and consultation of best practices and market tendencies based on ample experience in workfoce recruitment and retention.


In Prodensa EHS we have the capability to offer solutions that will perfectly adjust to the way in which you operate.


Federal, state and local compliance for submittal and renewal of permits


Our expert staff is provided for continual service or temporary projects


Training and certifications that comply with the Mexican NOM´s of the S.T.P.S. and S.E.M.A.R.N.A.T.

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To passionately support the growth of the individual, team, shareholders and community,  providing value-added services that increase  the productivity of our clients


    • Practical solutions
    • Build trust
    • Tangible results in the short term